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Site: Almere, Netherlands - Year: 2010 - Program: 150 Houses +100 apartments - Area: 40,000 sf - Status: Competition
Team: Haiko Cornelissen with Paul-Eric Schirr-Bonnans


Concept for the urban development is to preserve the existing woodlands by creating new forest housing typologies. The city of Almere intends to expand towards the beautiful woodlands in the IJmeerkwartier where 150 houses and 100 apartments are required to be build. In order to solve the paradox of building while preserving woodlands, we filled the voids of the woodlands with the new buildings and circulation while preserving the eisting trees. At the same time we preserved the character of the forest by minimizing the building space between 0 and 4m (only vertical circulation is allowed) while the rest of the spaces will be either below grade or between 4 and 21m.
The preservation of the woodlands in plan and section was combined with the typical housing geometry found in the surrounding. As a result, three different housing typologies were generated that allow the houses and apartments to be build while preserving the woodlands.


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