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CONCEPT - NederBelgen Housing

NederBelgen Housing is a housing project engineered to solve a specific demographic phenomenon in Maastrict; “NederBelgen”. These are Dutch with middle to high incomes living in Belgium for tax advantages and more spacious houses with gardens while working and socializing in the Netherlands. NederBelgen cause problems such as demographic imbalance and traffic congestion while not paying tax revenue to the city. Based on a thorough analysis of the phenomenon our proposal realigns the needs of the city with those of the NederBelgen.
The project is located right at the Maastricht border, which is also the Dutch-Belgian border. Therefore the project minimizes traffic congestion since it allows NederBelgen to bike to work. Within a bandwidth of housing demands set by NederBelgen, a gradation of houses with gardens of various sizes has been designed; House+Garden, House-Garden and Garden + House. The sizes of the gardens grow outwards to merge with the surrounding Maastricht landscape, but remain within the bandwidth set by the NederBelgen.

NederBelgen Housing is perceived as a response to the Dutch government planned VINEX housing projects that are characterized by generic solutions for specific locations and demographics. In contrast to VINEX locations, NederBelgen Housing is a solutions tailored to meet the specific local and demographic requirements of the NederBelgen phenomenon.


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