New York City

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Guerrilla University aims to optimize the Delft Architecture University performance by allowing the exchange of information between students and teachers to happen whenever and wherever in the city.
Like the original building, the compression of all of Architecture programs into one location, cleaved from the city of Delft by a river, compromises each individual program and therefore the performance of the university. This alienation of the Architecture program from Delft proper is exacerbated by the massive scale and limited opening hours of the former building.

By inserting each program in its optimal location within the city of Delft we believe we can optimize the universities performance. Studio’s, library, model shop and all other functions of direct use for the students are absorbed within Delft’s urban fabric, unifying the student’s daily lives and the university of Architecture. With offices and studios clustered around open spaces, squares become faculties, streets become hallways, restaurants become lecture halls and churches become model shops. Perceiving the Architecture University as Delft and Delft as part of the University, the exchange of information and therefore performance of the university will be optimized.


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