New York City

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CONCEPT - WALL-ALL apartment

The WALL-ALL apartment is a renovation project that expands the most important spaces by compressing the lesser used spaces into the apartment walls.
Office, library and kitchen functions are compressed in the walls to make space for the living room that became double its original size. The variety of functions creates a rich diversity of compression methods. Sliding doors conceal the office space while an upside-down door guards the media center in the library wall. Kitchen cabinets are stepped back to cover the kitchen functions (including the refrigerator), creating gaps that avoid door handles. In the bathroom a polished aluminum wall is created that conceals storage space and shower controls which runs straight into the exterior window. As a consequence the polished wall expands the room by reflecting the exterior window while forming a shower curtain in the open position.

The WALL-ALL renovation is a new way to bring old apartments in tune with contemporary lifestyles. The increased spaciousness and efficiency creates a unique answer to the flexible needs of today that even allows for public storytelling sessions such as the Guggenheim Stillspotting to happen in the living room.


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