New York City

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Our design for the NYC Linda Farrow pop-up boutique is an innovative and luxurious hybrid of a gallery space and an eyewear store that allows each designer in the multi-brand to flourish. The boutique experience starts with an exterior inspired by the iconic Linda Farrow box, as well as the Diamond Mask Sunglasses by Walter van Beirendonck. A black faceted façade struck through with a golden line attracts the attention of the fashion-conscious consumer. In contrast to the black exterior, the neutral white interior with eyewear displayed on floating stone blocks can be seen through the large windows, offering a glimpse into the Linda Farrow lifestyle.
The concept for the interior is to combine the neutral qualities of a gallery space with a horizontal slice of eyewear. Based on research, maximal sales occur when products are placed 56 inches above floor level (Dréze et al., 1994). Therefore we designed a 32” tall horizontal volume centered at 56” high that contains the essential elements of an eyewear store: (sun)glasses and mirrors. As a result, we broke with the traditional eyewear stores that overwhelm the consumer with walls stuffed with eyewear. Instead, we designed a retail experience that is customized for the specific needs of Linda Farrow. With only mirrors on the walls and the eyewear on various stones floating in space, the retail experience becomes slower, more pleasant and allows the consumer to explore the store and browse through the collection. This idea was inspired by the unique multi-brand character of Linda Farrow, as each floating stone could, for example, represent one designer. Assigning one stone per designer is of course only one merchandise layout made possible by the modular nature of our design.
The balance attained between neutrality and the identity of the store can also be found in the material usage. Modern materials such as glass and abstract white walls are combined with stone, marble and gold. The same balance can be found in the shapes that vary from modern straight lines to the more baroque picture frames that decorate the mirrors. The Chesterfield sofa adds a lounge-like feel to the space to create a relaxed atmosphere. Our design perfectly balances the bold, uncompromising image of the Linda Farrow brand, with the design and budget constraints to create an alluring space that both draws in onlookers and invites them to linger.

Thanks to the simplicity of the design, our proposal is relatively easy to build, easy to replicate and fits within the stated budget. The façade is modular and pre-fabricated so that it can be assembled on site. On the inside, the gallery concept requires a neutral space with geometric simplicity, which translates into a low budget, easy to build design. Most challenging will be the stones with steel support and eyewear brackets which are also pre-fabricated off site.
The simplicity of the design will also allow for easy replication of the design to allow the retail concept to be repeated for other Linda Farrow retail locations as desired.


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