New York City

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Every tweet sent from Times Square makes TWEETHEART NY pulse with glowing sections of red light. Just one tweet can make the giant heart pulse, but the more social interaction happens in Times Square, the more excitedly TWEETHEART NY will beat. TWEETHEART NY, by Haiko Cornelissen Architecten in collaboration with ARUP and Tomorrow Lab, monitors the Twitter traffic at Times Square. Through geolocation tags attached to each tweet, the sculpture is able to reflect social media interaction in its surroundings. Tweets sent straight to the heart’s Twitter account will make it glow even more intensely. The eight-foot glowing sculpture consists of 64 sections of low-wattage light tape. The red light is sandwiched between sections of recycled plywood to form a synergy between light and shape. Thanks to the scale, lighting and positioning of the heart, the sculpture looks different from every angle.

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